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 Green Initiative

Doc Block Vending’s Green Initiative

Doc Blocks Vending is committed to global stewardship of our environment. With this being said, let us list for you just some of the ways we help our environment.


Customized equipment:

 All of our equipment is custom fit to your specific needs and sales volume. We are constantly assessing your needs and tracking trends and sales volume. If sales does not justify the number of machines on a specific location we will shift specified machines to a location that it is needed, thus not only lowering the power consumption in that location also freeing up space for our customers.

Specialized Machines:

Doc Blocks Vending has committed to placing plenty of bottle and can drink combination machines in our Wilmington, Burgaw, and Southport areas. This in turn eliminates the need for two machines to service one location. Since we also own the machines, we can put the selections that our customers are wanting (Pepsi, Coke, Mt Dew, Diet Coke, Seven-Up, etc.) in one machine, without threat of local drink companies pulling their equipment .

LED or Low power electronics:

Doc Blocks Vending uses only new or modernized electronics in all of our vending machines. Most of these modernized electronics utilize 24 volt technology in turn conserving electricity.   LED lighting is also used where applicable and has been shown to be more cost effective than fluorescent lighting when it comes to electricity consumption.


Maintenance and vehicles:

Doc Blocks Vending uses new or modern regular serviced vans instead of large route trucks. These vans average gas mileage savings of around 7-10 miles per gallon over the larger route trucks. We also keep them, along with our vending machines, well maintained increasing their efficiency. 


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